Offering value added dental prosthetics which you can rely on. Technical support is our specialty.

We are a Dental Laboratory serving the Durham Region and surrounding area. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we have the expertise to help in the planning, fabrication and insertion day procedures. We believe in the fundamentals. A perfect model, an accurate articulation, a crafted restoration, each step as important as the last. Our goal is to match our high standard of work, with our technical support.

Arrival at Glass Canvas- When the case first comes into the lab, each component in the box is carefully inspected, disinfected and is documented. At this point we investigate the case and set it up for success.

Fabrication- From model work to final polish, each step is done with care. All steps of fabrication are done  under 20X magnification. 

Quality Control- We hold each other accountable and perform several Quality Control Checks along the way. Upon completion, one last check is made to scrutinize all aspects of the completed case.

Delivery- Every attempt is made to deliver the case one day prior to the patients appointment date to ensure peace of mind.

In Office Assistance- As our assurance to you, every case you send to Glass Canvas is eligible for In Office Technical Support. Upon request, we will be present for cases which may need technical support. For Shade Selection, Custom Staining, All-on-Four, etc. just call to setup the date!